Get on the Sunny Day Bus

Upon arriving in Olympia we spotted this lovely parked across the street from Andy's house.

I of course was big fan of the bra wearing cow skull. Andy almost had to stop from stealing it in front of his neighbors! I elected to take a picture instead.
The weekend was lovely - it's pretty hard to beat Olympia on a sunny day. After a fine dinner at the Mark on Saturday night (including delicious ginger cocktails which was the main reason Betsy wanted to go!) we awoke nearly well rested the following morning determined to eat breakfast at Quality Burritto. Which meant that we needed to kill a bit of time as they don't keep the earliest of hours. So we all took a walk to the Olympia farmers market which was full of color, life and sunshine.
Today, I've got an "I miss Olympia" hangover. Wandered through the Pike Place Market today on my lunch break to pick up a few groceries and grab some lunch and it just wasn't quite the same. Oly has a pretty special unique charm to it that just can't be replaced.
Oh sigh.


Dawn said...

I saw that bus when I was in Oly last week! Does it belong to an individual/family?! I thought it might be a band's tour bus. A small, unknown band, of course. :)

Rekoj said...

I think it IS a band's tour bus!
How am I so sure? Cuz I spotted a drum kit set up in the back.
Living the dream, living the dream... =)