Mom Day at Bonneville

For Mother's Day weekend I headed outta town on the long drive south for what my Mom and I have made into somewhat of a tradition:
Treating each other to a day at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort!
The first time we went, I surprised her with the appointment and trip and everything... which of course got her hooked so we have gone for 3 years in a row.
It has become somewhat of a special pilgrimage due to a near death experience we had on our way to the resort last year involving Cape Horn lookout, a slick road and an oncoming logging truck. It is thanks to my Mom's quick reflexes at the wheel that sent us into the blackberry bushes INSTEAD of over the cliff.
So now, Mother's Day weekend has become a celebration of not just my Mom in my life and the wonderful relationship that we have - but also the celebration of still being alive together--- period!
Sounds like a pretty good excuse for an annual spa treatment to me!


kecia said...

hello, my friend! wow, that's quite a story. i'm very grateful you guys weren't hurt. i know those curves and the size of those logging trucks - SCARY! well, glad you girls had a nice retreat for yourselves. sounds heavenly to me! i wish my mom was closer so that i could take her out to do something like that. but i take care of her when i she visits me or i visit her - so i guess it all evens out!

Rekoj said...

Yep - I'm pretty blessed to live within only a few hours of getting to hang out with my Mom!