Art Biz Lessons

In response to this post on wholesale inquiries and pricing, I have finally raised my prices a bit. Most items were not increased by much. I feel that I struck a balance between viewing all my items as if they were already marked at wholesale prices (which would have meant doubling everything!) and not raising them enough. I was armed with pricing worksheets and the consultation of friends. All of the advice I had received basically just reinforced what I already knew - that I was priced too low. The wholesale situation helped a lot. Etsy is not the place to discount my stuff. It is a retail outlet and we should treat it as such. My retail prices will help me better contemplate a future wholesale inquiry and it also allows for a teaspoon full of more self art worth. Cheers to that!

The comments on this post are fabulous - I do recommend reading through if you already have an art/craft business or if you are thinking of starting one.

And as a balance to that side of myself wanting to be el cheapo I've finally added a sale section to the shop.

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