August To Do List

The best thing about this blog so far is that it enables me to hold myself to a certain level of accountability. Blogs allow an outlet to monitor your own progression if you are like me and working towards large lofty goal (like becoming an independent artist!)
Previously, my method has been this. To make a list in my journal and paper clip the page so the book always falls open to that spot. Once the list is complete and checked off then I removed the paper clip. Farely ludite, but it works.

After seeing and enjoying another artist's task list posted on her blog I wondered why I hadn't yet posted my own. Not only does it give you a peek into what I'm up to but it also raises the bar of my own accountability. And I like that.

This list? It's current. These are all goals I set for myself for the month of August. Now that September is drawing closer and closer I'm starting to question my sanity. It's do-able as long as I hold onto that torch of focus.

All of these things I've been chipping away at. Such as #3 - start x y & z paintings. A large chunk of this weekend was spent with Andy who helped me cut and sand wood panels for said x y & z paintings. Thanks Andy!

And # 5 - website update - nearly ready except now that # 2 is done I might as well photograph and update with that but in order to do so it needs to stop raining. Which will happen soon, right?

# 11 will be complete soon and will include a follow up blog post to the wholesale pricing post from last week with a round up of advice I received from fellow artists and friends. Thanks guys!

Oh yes - and if you are curious about # 4, click here to view Rekoj on Facebook.

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kecia said...

so, how's it going on the list? i'll have to go friend you on facebook.