Sleep in your Studio

Now I've never been much of a design interiors kind of gal... but if I was forced to chose a bedroom out of a staged magazine scene I might have to go for this one. I was flipping through the CB2 catalog for work this afternoon and this page totally caught my eye. Bold colors with Moroccan accents meet art studio? Oh hell yeah! I could live with that.

The canvas frames and completely paint spattered linoleum with the bed right smack in the middle of it all I'm sure has nothing to do with the appeal for me. And in all honesty, it isn't all that far off from my own studio. I just chose to put the bed on TOP of my closet instead of beside it...

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Betsy said...

I love your stu stu studio. It's warm and inviting and has goodness oozing from the floorboards. That magazines got nothin on you.