Today in Seattle

Today was a perfect piece of Fall in Seattle so I went for a walk right after work instead of doing my usual gymwork. I was enjoying my stroll so much that I kind of had to force myself to stop and take pictures - (Andy, I know, would be appalled at such a thing) but I'm glad I did. It's nice to share a bit of the evening with you. And besides - I haven't dropped in to say hello in a few days. Pictures give me an excuse to amidst all the Fall busy-ness like Calendar project finalizations and painting commissions - which is the short of what I've been up to!

But I had to take a break from all that to go wander through the Olympic Sculpture Park and take artsy sunset photos:

On my way home I finally found the sidewalk gallery that I had heard rumours of. It is put on by the Center on Contemporary Art and is simply called the Belltown Gallery. Basically, it is a sidewalk showcase. I have no idea how I had missed it before. The work currently on display totally made me do a double take.
This round painting on a drum head particularly got to me. One, the content and detail is amazing and two, well... I'm totally a sucker for round paintings.

Thanks for the inspiration infusion tonight Robin Oliver!

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Betsy said...

I love that little sidewalk gallery!!! And it's right by Cherry street for a super yummy espresso. Mmm. Silly Me! I guess there are some things I miss about Belltown. ;-)