Springtime Inspiration

Yesterday found me at Cafe Flora in Madison Park and such a lovely park like afternoon it was. There is a simple pleasure in the leafy canopy of trees that I dearly miss living where I live downtown.

It was my first time to Cafe Flora and I'm sure I'll find myself back there again - the food was exquisitely prepared and I just loved all the little italics on the menu such as "gluten free" and "vegan". Very helpful for someone on a bizarre diet. I was there not only for Dine Out for Life but to meet with the lovely, inspiring possibilitarian Kelly Rae Roberts. If you haven't yet explored her artworks yet then you are in for a little spot of Grace.

The afternoon was filled to the brim with possibility by a little stop I made on my way out to Madison Park to check out Artist Trust on Capitol Hill. Oh my oh my. What a WEALTH of information they have available there. If you are a practicing artist or merely just dreaming of becoming one all you have to do is walk in their doors to be greeted with an entire wall of artist resources ranging from grant writing tips to medical care. I've always kept myself up to speed with arts-goings-on with their website but never had I stopped by their office. It is SO worth the trip that you should go. Go right now!

Over the weekend and before I got all caught up with frantically finishing paintings and preparing my application to Artist Trust's EDGE program, I spent some time in Olympia enjoying even more tree canopies and scooping up fresh organic produce at the Farmer's Market. Also while there I finally got a certain someone to model a custom hand painted shirt design of mine. This right here is an oldey but goodey! Perfect for the bass collecting geek in your life =)

Happy happy weekend y'all!

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