Dreaming Aquatic

Well my little January journal is pretty much full and I'm off tonight to make a new one. Because seriously - all that art play was FUN! The last week kept me well rested and lazy lazed due to coming down with a cold that was going around. I ended up without much energy for several days. Bugger! Plenty of arting still got done though. But oddly enough it was mostly introspection, planning and dreaming.

Where I have found my thoughts lately center around my "career" and my life. This has been prompted by several things including some upcoming opportunities through my gallery, along with my head over heels fall for this class by the author of Creative Thursday.

I have been trying to look to the root of what really truly motivates me to do what I do. It comes down to the spark of joy while in the "sweet spot" of a painting. You know - that moment of being absolutely lost. And that is why I do what I do. Sure - it would be nice to have those moments support my finances... but if that doesn't work out it's not like that means I will stop seeking those moments.
Deliciousness. That is what I'm after.

And oddly enough these thoughts must be going around such as in this post by Christine of Swirly. Yep... deliciousness indeed.

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Amelia said...

and yet another comment (as I catch up with your blog!), this is so true, I really understand, but the 'sweetness' and delight of planning, dreaming and indulging is soooo underestimated in this world that measures most things by money!!

You carry on! This is what keeps me going also. Lost myself in art for a bit today as I had some 'time' - which is so very rare!