Following Paths of Inspiration

Jessica & Virgil
Originally uploaded by Awkward Boy Hero

It's funny where your muse can lead if you listen and follow.

Yesterday, while on a hunt for some image references for the new series I'm working on, I came across this image of "Jessica and Virgil" taken by Awkward Boy Hero for the 100 Stranger project.

This image alone changed the idea of the painting I was researching for. In pure excitement, I emailed the photographer and asked for permission to reference the ferret and body language of the girl. I normally use images purely as a sketching point - a marker for realism but the images I reference hardly ever makes it into the actual painting.

I'll be forging ahead with permission this weekend - finally getting started on one of the larger pieces for my show in May. And since we're starting right here with the inspiration source I've decide to blog this painting in progress. Stay tuned for what comes of it!

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