Frustrating Joys

How to Paint on super pretty red oak panels (A.k.a., how I spent my weekend)
Step 1
: Sand super pretty red oak... a lot.
Step 2: Sketch super fun portraits then prime over with GAC100 (clear gesso)
Step 3: Paint the underpainting with great joy! That is, until after 3 coats you realize the faces STILL look zebra striped from the wood. Matter of fact... it seems to only be getting worse with each coat. Huh.
Step 4: Deliberate your zebra faced dilemia.
Step 5: Get over it and wipe off all 3 layers of oil.
Step 6: Drink to drown your sorrow.
Step 7: Spend the following day layering 3 heavy coats of gesso, redrawing the hard earned facial features with every coat.
Heavy sigh. Heavy sigh.

Looking forward to spreading bright oils back onto these ghosty faces! Just got to wait for all that gesso to dry. Goodness gracious. Needless to say I think I'll be taking a second thought before embarking on oak again. Yeehaw!


Amelia said...

no doubt, this wasn't supposed to make me giggle, but it did :) This is the kind of thing I do and then my joyful art momentarily turns into stress . . . but I guess each time we learn something new!!

Great work too!


Amelia said...

Thanks for your last comment, sorry you won't be able to join in, but maybe another time ;) Your biz course sounds interesting, do let me know which one it is? and would love it if you spread the word about the experimental art e-course. I have had quite a bit of interest, but obviously the more the better!!

Hope your making is going well.


alyson said...

very cool! Please post when done ...these look like they are going to be awesome.