Out Old In New

Oh how it goes the time the time!
The last little shreds of pages are filled in my little journal. I enjoyed stitching in and playing on this old photo that I had gotten for another project.

I also spent a little time trying to work out some ideas for my new series. Yep - my love of crows just can't be let go of!

I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to make another just the same size. I got out my sewing machine and played with threads and stitches for a slightly quilted cover. Fun!
Here is the inside cover and my first doodle in the new book! I find it's good for me to now start putting the start date & end date in my journals because they are starting to become pretty numerous and I don't want to forget. Speaking of my numerous books I may be teaching another bookbinding workshop here in Seattle real soon - I'll let you know the details as soon as I know.

And speaking of workshops I just heard of a great new e-course I'd love to attend but my E-course budget has already been spoken for.
(Together & In the Fishbowl with Marisa!)

Artist Amelia Critchlow is offering a super fun sounding e-course titled "Experimental Art" - basically a whole course geared towards art play! Just what I've been doing with these journal pages only more so. Amelia is a collage and textile artist whose work always seems to push the boundaries of media and expectation.
Check out Amelia's work here: www.ameliacritchlow.co.uk


Amelia said...

oh hello! Thank you for this lovely post . . . thought I would pop over to see what you are up to and there I find my name!

Such ashame you aren't able to do the experimental art e-course as it'd be great to have you on board - I love your work :) Maybe one day ;)

Will check out the other e-courses you mention too!

Love the work you have been doing in your journal and the journals themselves. I really need to do more journalling.

Speak soon,


Amber said...

What beautiful art journals! Nice to "meet" you, I've enjoyed browsing your blog - I'm a fellow fishie in Marisa's class.