Springtime Cheer

 I know it's springtime when I'm walking through the Pike Place Market, minding my own business on my way to my favorite vegetable stand for supper sundries and I have to stop in my tracks. Cannot. Resist. Pussywillows! Love these little fuzzies dearly. This bouquet has been gracing my studio table these past few days as I painted up a frenzy. I've got works in progress EVERYWHERE - all in various stages of not yet done-ness.  Cept for one that barely made it just in time to get the show cards ordered.
My oh my - where has this month gone off to so quickly?

In other interesting news I just posted a little tour of my homestead over on Imaginary Commune. I've really been enjoying the daydreams over there. Check it out for some alternative living musings!

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