Photo Shoot Sucess

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Much fussing, cussing, box cutting, paper tearing, lamp shade scorching, battery draining hours later, Rekoj FINALLY has some worthy pictures of her infamous wood burned pendants.
I'm absolutely THRILLED with how well they (eventually) turned out and I can't wait to start listing them in the shop . Some folk may be disturbed by the excessive use of cow skull, but me - well - I love it. Rekoj has a pretty long term connection with cow skulls. In fact, it was with cow skull line drawings that got me started into the Rekoj style anyways. I even have a commemorative "coming of age" as an artist tattoo of you guessed it - a cow skull.
This cow skull that will soon play a major role in my etsy shop is completely vegan however - no cows were harmed in the acquisition of this skull because tis ceramic. Yippee!

I'm pretty well tuckered from the whole process - took 5-6 pictures each of 20 pendants total. I've got about 60 more to go but I figured I would get 20 of favorites listed at least. I'll be using the Etsy spacing out trick of only listing 1 or 2 a day though. You can check out the whole lot on my Flickr page - if you're interested in one before it's up in the shop just shoot me an email.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts on my friend the skull. A minor poll if you will - Is using a skull in every shot to display my jewelry overbearing and creepy -- or will it finally give my etsy pics a consistency I've so longed for?


Dawn said...

Okay, keep in mind that this is coming from the person who calls herself ScaryWhiteGirl. But, I think it's totally cool, not creepy, and it will do a good job of tying together your shop photos, which can definitely be a good thing. :)

Emma said...

I think it looks great, I particularly like the ones with the necklace placed carefully in the snoot. If snoot is the right term? Congrats on getting your pendants up!