Finally Finished - Sheep Dreams of Wren

"Sheep Dreams of Wren"
Oil on Found Wood
And he's finally officially finished! (You can read up on the progress of this painting here, here and here.)
And coincidentally enough, this painting qualifies for the Illustration Friday topic of "Routine".
The sheep, a symbol for going with the flow and moving with the masses is daydreaming of swirling flight - of being a wren. This is a depiction of my own battle with the routine of security (i.e. day job) verses the dream of taking flight and following the string of my muse wherever she will lead me (i.e. wren).
And even though I've been working on this series for some time now, this is the first time I've been able to use one for an Illustration Friday topic. The only reason I've had to wait until the last day to submit it is that the weather was not cooperating with me for the photo shoot (i.e. rain)


Michael said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a message!

Yeah, it should be a grand time in San Francisco. If you see a short hispanic man, early 30's, with dark hair, nerdy glasses, jeans and a polo, with a tall blond woman, that's me!

Have fun!

Bella Sinclair said...

Such lovely, lovely lines. This is a beautiful piece, and I love the story behind it. Thanks for sharing.