New Year New Fun

Oh 2010 here you are already! I have so many ideas, goals & dreams for the coming days and months that will be this year. No real solid "resolutions" but more challenges to myself. Things I would be doing regardless of a New Year's excuse. Things like cooking at home more and giving myself more time for my art. Beginning this week Friday will be my much guarded and coveted studio day.

And fun challenges like participating in a full month of daily art journaling, prompted by this post by Misty Mawn. I always always always carry my journal with me but it is usually used for such things as notes, lists and rants. January will be no holds barred COLOR. I will post my favorites here throughout the month. Like this entry from Saturday - a Bassduck and a Fierce Creature:

2010, I say "RRRRrrrrRRR!" to you! Onwards oh onwards.


misty said...

i really love your pages and am so glad you are going to post more as you go along!
You have such a great style that is all your own!
Happy New Year Sara, Hope it's a great one for you!

jacqueline said...

Such gorgeous paintings and design! Happy new year! Wishing you and yours many beautiful moments in this new year! I am looking forward to meet you in "Toegether" class next week! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!