Playing a bit of Catch up

And so the days go drifting by and here we are already fully into March. The two large panels I'm working on have not escaped the inspiration that spring time brings as seen by the addition of some floating petals.

I have piles of paintings coming along quite nicely but all too soon I will be setting them down to travel south for a week of desert hiking. Oh Borrego how my heart yearns to return! Two more days and this is where you'll find me equipped with watercolors and dates:

In the meantime today is a full on Seattle artist Friday. Having escaped (thus far) the wretched plague of the flu knocking down half my household I was able to spend the morning painting. Followed by a little art related business and soon to be capped off by a ferry boat ride on this gorgeous day to visit the lovely Miss Betsy. Yes - a get together with an Artist friend totally counts as part of a studio day ; )
The show I'm working towards in May is beginning to take shape and I can't wait to show you!
This much I can tell you though because it is now official: The name of the show is going to be "Pet Shop".
Loving it!


Amelia said...

thanks for your lovely supportive comments over on my blog :)

Wish I could come over and meet all the people and go to lunch with you all. Am beginning to notice the key arty bloggers and it is both a big and small world.

Hope you don't catch the flu and happy making and hiking :)


Ivy Antonio said...

Hi Rekoj,
I am a fellow fishie and was also in the "Together" class with you. I participated kind of late in the Together class and I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Good luck with your next show, I look forward to seeing your creations as you post them - love the title Pet shop :-)

2 Soul Sisters said...

Hey There! We are in the fish bowl e-course together with Marisa. I wanted to pop in and check out your site. I love it here. Good creative vibes going on! I look forward to being in class with you! Your work is outstanding. Kim