Vacations Come, Vacatations Go

Ah Borrego - how I miss your skies already.
I started to write this vacation re-cap post on Sunday but ended up waylaid by getting sick. Horribly sick. I'm better now but still not quite tolerating solid foods. Let's just leave it at that.

Our week in the desert was, as always, too short. Our gracious hosts, George & Lucy (Andy's folks) not only opened up their home to us, but adventured with us on jeep trips and kept us well fed with fresh avocados, dates & tangerines hand picked off their trees. Sometimes I think I could see myself living in this desert. This vast, harsh badland.

The desert in springtime hardly looks harsh at all when the vastness fills with a carpet of soft little flowers - lupin & sand verbena washing your eyes in purple. Even the prickly things will send out their blooms embracing the change of season.

It was a beautiful time to visit and many great hikes were had despite the cool weather. The coolness made for some high desert fashion though I must say:

Yes scarves can be worn in the desert - especially when one is sitting on a giant boulder tucked in a hidden canyon oasis.
And now it is time to knuckle down and get seriously to work. This lady's got paintings to paint! 6 weeks and counting till showtime. Oh. My.


Amelia said...

oooh elooo - wow, what wonderful evocative land - so different to the grey city streets of london that are currently wet with rain!

I need to travel when I see things like this.

Good luck with the painting. I have just finally opened up public registration for my e-course - interest has been good so thanks for your support :)


stephey said...

Hi, I am one of your fellow fishies and thought I'd pop over to say hi. I enjoued reading your blog and viewing your images, I like the way you see. Hope you have an inspiring night. All My Best, Stephey