I've been abducted by Calendarlings...

Calendarlings are coming! Calendarlings are coming!
These lovelies are nearly ready to be in the shop. Betsy and I got them back from the printers on Monday and met up to "ooo" and "ahh" all over them Monday night. Got them all assembled in their packaging ready to go and then realized it was Fall time which means evening product shots can be kinda tricky. As in dark. Oops!
So the last couple days we've both been playing with photography and light in spare moments of sunshine in an attempt to make these calendars look as good as they really are. It is tough work indeed! These calendars look SO amazing in person - that is really all we're trying to capture.
I'm sure my RAD Photoshop skills are really enhancing this shot too! Crazy as it looks I still got to admit - I kind of like it. Totally inspired by Ruffeo Hearts - them guys have had some wacky fun with their product shots in the past.
Regardless, the pair of us are still perfecting this beauty for it's launch scheduled for November 1st - I'll certainly keep you posted!


Rosalie said...

I want. I want.

Betsy said...

I just posted the first one on my site- it certainly is exciting!!!!! You're a gem to work with. You're a shining diamond necklace.